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About Us

Alarmsmiths was established in October 2007.


Having worked for others for over 12 years, I saw many security companies slowly lose what I felt was important within the industry, which I believe is the personal and trusting relationship of a local company who would protect your biggest possessions of all - your family, your property and its contents.


Having gone from just myself in a van to what is arguably one of the most well-known and respected security companies in the area, alarmsmiths has worked hard to retain the very personal approach it has always had when dealing with our customers, both old and new.


We now have a growing team who endeavour to retain that work ethic, we make sure your security needs are met, both personally and professionally, and I would like to think you as a customer will get to know us all at some point in the future.


Whether it be a burglar alarm system, CCTV, access control or even electric gates, alarmsmiths will install, and then offer to maintain your system to keep it running smoothly.


Most of all we will always be at the end of the phone should you ever need us, night or day.


Simon Smith



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